“Rhetorical Analysis”

After reading the piece, Rhetorical Analysis, I had a new understanding of ethos, pathos, logos, and Kairos. I had heard these terms throughout many classes and always assumed that they were separate, when in fact, they are closely related. For example, if I was trying to run for a leadership position in a club, I would have to know who my audience is and whether or not I could build up credibility by appealing to their emotions or logic. This is something that comes in our everyday life and in order to build up your ethos, you need to incorporate pathos, logos, or kairos. It is interesting to think that these are things we subconsciously do everyday, but never think much of it. I do, however, find it difficult to decipher between logos and ethos. Although they do work hand in hand, what logos is by itself confuses me. Out of the four topics, kairos is the one that is the least talked about or heard of based on my experience.

I enjoyed how the author referenced the signs on the off-campus houses as an example of ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos. It made me think of how one house that I saw renamed their house something that had to do with Harambe after the incident at the Cincinnati zoo.


The kids knew it was a hot topic at Miami first semester and knew it would appeal to the emotions of students. While incorporating kairos by doing it when it was a big thing. Now however, Harambe has faded out of the spotlight and I don’t know if the students still have it up, but if they do I think it ls time to change it because Harambe is now irrelevant.




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