“Malaysian For The Week”

The reading “Malaysian For The Week” was an excellent example of how rhetoric is immersed in your everyday life. When we think of rhetoric, we tend to think of “English” and “Writing” as commonly associated words. However, this reading really opened my eyes and introduced me to a new definition of rhetoric. Rhetoric is essentially a language. Whether that be written language or body language, it gives off some sort of impression. In the reading the author, Sara Tyson, went into detail about how conscious she was of the decisions she was making while staying with her family members who embrace a specific culture and set of norms and guidelines. When it comes to culture that is something that many hold close to their hearts and are very avid in following the norms of. While Tyson could have used the excuse that she didn’t know the rules or didn’t follow the specific culture at home, she didn’t. Instead, she decided to adapt. In the end, it worked out really well for her and left her family members with a positive impression.

giphy (2)

After reading this, I think it is really important to always understand and be aware that you are always giving off some sort of impression and to be aware of that through the language you are demonstrating whether that be verbal or physical. People are always watching and everything you do can make a lasting impression on people so it is important to understand that you’re rhetoric. It is not isolated to conversations and writings, it is prevalent all the time through your actions and your decisions.


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