“Camp Christopher”

I believe the goal of the “Camp Christopher” essay was to provide us with a writers reflection on their project and how they went about it. While this may have been beneficial to students with the same topic for their inquiry 3 assignment, I don’t perceive it as providing much help or assistance to our class when it comes to doing our inquiry 4 assignment. I am not entirely sure how to go about reflecting on this piece considering I am unaware of what their assignment was supposed to be. However, I do think that in regards to transferring it to another medium she did a very good job. If her argument of her inquiry 3 addresses special needs individuals and how they are discriminated against in society and proposed different methods on inclusion or arguments for or against methods already in place, then this would make sense for inquiry 4. I think that she really included a lot of detail in her reflection and focused in on the smallest details of her website that she believed evoked the most emotion out of her audience. She really took into account incorporating rhetorical appeals when designing her website. I really like how she was creative in how she approached this assignment through making up a fake camp with an application, details on the camp life and more. I think that this really transformed her inquiry 3 argument, whatever it may have been, into a visually engaging platform where she could present her idea in a different manner. Overall, I wish that I had known a little more about her inquiry 3 piece and how it the content or argument transformed between the two assignments. But I do think that she really focused in on details and methods to appeal to different crowds, which is something I’d assume some others didn’t consider.


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