“A Transnational Hip Hip Nation: praCh, Cambodia, and Memorialising the Killing Fields”

The reading, A Transnational Hip Hop Nation: praCh, Cambodia, and Memorialising the Killing Fields, is an example of how history has been transformed through different mediums to create a memory. The songs that are made by praCh create a cultural memory by situating the songs in the context and memory of those that it would affect the most. The use of collective pronouns aids in the establishment of a cultural memory because it makes people feel as though the songs and the stories behind the songs are more personal to themselves which is very interesting. I have never considered cultural memories being established in this manner.  The reading also addresses how the artist took parts of documentaries about the killing fields and some from George W. Bush’s post September 11th, 2001 speech and incorporated it into some of the tracks in The Lost Chapter. This addresses the topic of inquiry 4 in regards to remixing. It is evidence of how previous works are always being remixed into new ones, whether that be through altering it within the same medium, or switching mediums while still incorporating it. I think it is very interesting how people are able to creatively incorporate history into a song or a writing or a video in order to get a specific message to resonate with a specific individual, especially if the historical event or writing occurred in a completely different time era. This shows how a little innovation can make some significant historical event that occurred hundreds of years ago seem prevalent today.


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